Our Programs

St. Mary's Catholic School employs three certified Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and additional support staff to implement our After School and Day Care Programs.  We have a beautiful space for our after school and day care programs, including full access to the school facilities including 2 gyms, 3 outside playgrounds and our hot lunch program.


Our programs are open to everyone in the community.  Our After School Program is for students aged 5-11 and our onsite licensed Day Care welcomes children from 30 months of age and up.

Rates for Day Care (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM): $800/full-time child aged 30 months and up per month; $515 for part-time or $65 drop-in daily, $710 for 36 month+; $490 for part-time, $50/day , minus the new government subsidy of$100/month

After School Program rates: Our rates vary depending on the month. Full-time monthly rates are $300 and the part-time monthly rate is $250.00 for any 3-days per week. For extra whole days (NI days or PRO-D) the full-time rate applies and no additional fee is charged, For extra part-time (NI days or PRO-D) is $35/full day. Those not registered as full or part-time pay a rate of $40 for full or $24 for a partial NI or PRO-D days.


Registrations and payments for all our programs go through our school office. If you need drop by when the school is closed, you can always pay or drop off registrations in the 'dropbox' in the Day Care. Please drop by or call and speak to the secretary. If you require more information please ask to speak to our Day Care Manager, Mrs. Martine.  Spaces are sometimes available, but hurry, we fill up quick! 

We are blessed to have room for a 20 space Day Care although we usually only take 16 children a a time. We have an amazing bright, clean well-cared for space! We have  a separate sleeping room for nap-time. There are weekly themes and the children have access to our school activities that are age-appropriate for them.

During the school year, we run an After School program from 3:00 - 5:30 PM daily and we are open all day on non-instructional (NI) days. On NI days we are open from 8:30-5:30 PM.

In the summer, we run weekly themed Summer After School Programs for ages 5-11.  

Our programming is vibrant and runs 12 months of the year. This program is open from 8:30-5:00 PM daily.

Mrs. Maureen oversees all these programs with a capable certified ECE staff. Please contact her through our school office at 250-426-5017 or

School Visits and Tours

Families are welcome to visit the School and view any of our programs in action. To request a tour of the school, please contact our school to schedule a date with the principal.

Request a tour!