Considering Catholic education for your child?

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Principal's Message

St. Mary’s Catholic Independent School is a wonderful community in which to learn and grow. Students at our school develop academically, spiritually, and emotionally in an  atmosphere that both challenges them and provides them with extensive leadership opportunities.

The community of St. Mary’s is networked with two Catholic churches, St. Mary’s and Christ the Servant, an extensive parent community that is an integral part of the school, as well as the larger educational community in Cranbrook. Traditionally, our students go on to graduate from the public system in Cranbrook and perform exceedingly well academically and socially.

St. Mary’s, a registered charity and a school of approximately 130 students, is a place where students are truly nurtured in a safe, caring learning community.

St. Mary’s Catholic Independent School welcomes non-Catholic students. In fact, from its inception at the turn of the century, the school has welcomed students from all faiths.

St. Mary's Catholic is truly a special learning environment. We have an amazingly committed staff united by a common vision. When you walk through our doors, you will feel like this is the way the learning environment of a child should be.

Giving your child the gift of an education at St. Mary’s is truly something that will last a lifetime.



Jerelynn MacNeil




Jerelynn MacNeil